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when u meet a new friend and you have no memories to talk aboutimage

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my whole life consists of wondering whether or not to make the bitchy comment

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The stationWhere I told youI love you


The station
Where I told you
I love you

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❝There is no designated time for anything in your life. You don’t have to have your first kiss at any certain time, you don’t have to get married in your 20′s and you don’t have to do anything just because other people think it’s best. In fact, you will be much better off if you just do what your heart says. The day you stop caring what other people think is the day their opinions don’t mean anything, because you’re not there to give them weight.❞

10 Things I Wish I Could Have Told Myself 5 Years Ago  (via thexpotent)

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❝What do you know about me anyway?❞

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For whatever we lose
(a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves
we find in the sea.
 - E.E. Cummings

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Don’t fall in love because you want to forget your past.
Fall in love because they love the way you are, whether if it’s the flaws or rigid mistakes you’ve made. 
Find someone that can fall in love with you because you’re human.
Your past, is going to stick with you and remind you from time to time but it’s a self reminder to help us find something better for us.
Your past is what shaped you, made you and turn into a wonderful human being. 

Fall for someone who makes you at your happiest.
Fall for someone who makes you feel light.
Makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.
Fall for someone you feel you deserve.